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Terasol Energy (an Argos Groep company) is a new energy company focused on developing next-generation feedstocks for the specialty chemicals, transportation and power generation industries. Terasol Energy leverages its expertise in plant science and agronomy to develop and produce large scale projects with next-generation feedstocks that are truly sustainable and responsible. Our primary focus is on short cycle crops that maximize the use of productive lands during under utilized cycles. 

Terasol Energy currently has over ten thousand (10,000) hectares of oil based crops under management. We provide commercial quantities of clean crude oil for the specialty chemicals industries and are delivering test shipments to customers and partners in the transportation fuels and power generation industries. We also assist organizations looking for a commercialization partner to jointly develop large scale sustainable feedstock solutions.

At Terasol Energy, we have a strong culture of innovation and development. We have worked to identify and cultivate accessions of crops that correspond with various global agro-climatic conditions. We have done so through close collaborations with plantations and research centers across Brazil and India. We are focused on developing next generation feedstocks that are renewable, scalable and sustainable.